Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clinton, Giving and Naps.

The Daily Show really is becoming the way - one of the very few ways - that Americans get real news. It is to the 18 to 24 demographic what "Meet the Press" would have been (when it was relevant) if it had also been funny. I often did find it funny, but then I think watching a sitting member of congress sweating uncontrollably to be as funny as hell.

Well, Clinton didn't exactly sweat this interview - but we did see the famous duck and weave several more times than we would have on cable.

Oh, the other refreshing thing about the Daily Show - John Stewart never asks stupid questions. Outragious ones, funny ones, seemingly irrelevant ones - but never outright stupid questions. Don't expect that from Hannidy. Of course, this is the Faux News demographic.

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