Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stretch your holiday budget.... but not too far!

Beware of going nuts with coupon codes - there's so much money to be saved on things you have probably put off buying that you could go broke trying to catch up. As with all good things, CouponChef is best taken in moderation.

Shopping for the men in your life or composing a wish list? How many places offer you astonishing deals from Armani Exhange and K-Mart on the same page? It's a little surreal, truth be told.

But as the power shopper in the family, I'm starting to think I need to visit regularly. We have an increasing need for a new computer - and I can choose between retailers offering me serious discounts like Circuit City discounts and PC Connection's special promotions.

But my personal wishlist always starts with kitchen gadgetry. this is where I'll be spending some "discretionary funds" as soon as possible. Foodsaver.com Coupons and Deals

I lost my last Foodsaver in a move six years ago and I have missed it every day. Well, it looks like it may just be within my budget, if I get it here with the coupons, I may even get an upgraded version.

Of course, that means a Costco run for food to save. Sigh - saving money CAN be awfully expensive at times!

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