Friday, September 07, 2007

Looking for a good business-related affiliate program?

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Hey, know anyone who should become a website design affiliate? Do them a favor and email them this page - or maybe better yet, keep it to your own self.

I've looked at all kinds of affiliate programs over the years, and every once in a while, I run across one like this that looks great - for someone else entirely. I find it difficult to imagine that people who read Graphictruth have website design services in the forefront of their minds - and that, of course, is the real key to affiliate marketing.

It is also a principle I violate every day trying to sell my own stuff, but what the hell, it's MY sidebar.

But if you do have a site that is about design, marketing, industry or business, the first thing you should tell everyone is - both by direct example AND by your choice of affiliates, by word and deed is that Presentation is Everything.

Yeah, another rule I violate nearly every day. I am, in every aspect of my life, an unmade bed. But then, I am not a business.

I've often said that the advertising you place on your site is as critical as any other element of it's design. It directly speaks to what you believe in and what you believe is worth putting your good name behind.

And having said that, I will say that this opportunity seems well worth your "due diligence," if you have the sort of traffic that makes any such company directly relevant to your blog or website.

Seriously - if you are bright enough to buy the good paper for your letterhead and have it printed at Kinkos instead of on your tired old photocopier, you are bright enough to know this - that your presentation affects your success.

And yet, the Internet is filled with crappy-looking, brash and unprofessional sites representing products and ideas that may possibly deserve serious consideration - but are not going to get it with their current representation, no matter how much SEO they do, no matter how many keywords they buy, no matter how they get the people to the site - it's the site that keeps them, or as many blinking, flashing monstrosities have done to me - driven me away screaming.

Now, this was a paid post, brought to you by virtue of a tempting sum of money - but I'm not saying anything that I haven't said before or will say again. If you cannot create a good site your self, do not make a bad site in the expectation that it's just as good. It's not. You shouldn't. It won't work. If you plan on doing a professional job, if you wish to be respected AS a professional, use professional grade services and associate with fellow professionals.

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