Friday, September 07, 2007

Republican Spin Machine Wobbles About Ron Paul."

The more attention Ron Paul gets, the more desperately spinners like Hannedy try discredit him, and the more people of all political affiliations who can read, spell and do the math sign up for the Ron Paul bandwagon. He won the latest Fox debate with 33 percent (their count) despite the best efforts of those merchants of sleaze on fox to slant, discredit and throw spitballs. Paul took a true hazing, effortlessly, yet passionately providing intelligent answers to loaded questions, while his lightweight competition was being tossed big wet kisses underhand. The response was overwhelming - over a third of the responses were for Paul and the best response to that result by the other candidates was that their supporters "didn't know how to send text messages."

Much less read, spell, or do the math.

Here's some fun math, cited by a really powerfully interesting source.

Currently maintaining the top three positions are Barack Obama, 20.65 percent, Hillary Clinton, 11.71 percent and Ron Paul with 11.36 percent.
The largest decliner this week was Rudy Giuliani, down 0.60 percent.
The largest gainers included Chris Dodd up 0.28 percent, John McCain up
0.30 percent and Fred Thompson up 0.22 percent. For full results, see

The Spartan Internet Political Performance (SIPP) Index
is the first quantitative measure of the Internet-wide performance of
each presidential candidate
( for the 2008
election. The index gauges the level of support and how well each
candidate is connecting with individuals across the Internet.
At this early stage, results like that are surprising, considering that of all the candidates, Paul is the only one being actively discredited by MSM interests, at least, that I'm aware of. Most of the other "second tier" candidates are simply ignored.

Placing third overall is, as I said, surprising at this early stage, especially considering how totally obscure Ron Paul was just a few months ago. But clearly he has his fellow Republicans running scared. One only has to look at the "reaction shots" in debate videos to see the funk sweat. The fact is, Paul is the only one on utterly unassailable ground from a constitutional and traditional, Conservative Republican perspective

Meanwhile, he has even more dramatic numbers from other sources, as reported by a disgruntled viewer of ABC's This Week comments.

Rep. Ron Paul was the most impressive candidate in the recent
Republican debate.Rep. Ron Paul was the most impressive candidate in the recent
Republican debate. He is the dramatic winner in the latest CSPAN
Capital News poll, where 73% believe he won, compare to 8% for Romney,
his nearest rival ( 
Huckabee, who garnered so much attention on This Week, was at 2% on
this poll! Ron Paul also leads MSMBC's poll by a clear margin (

I think Ron Paul has an excellent shot at winning both the Republican nomination and the presidency if the votes are honest. That is, of course, one gigantic "if."

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