Thursday, September 06, 2007

The price of privacy: US $15/Month

Thanks be to PayPerPost! I have found out that There is a free market solution to the growing issue of government intrusion into private affairs, both personal and economic. It's called "VPN" or, Virtual Private Network, and this is what one provider says about VPN and Anonymous Surfing.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Anonymous VPN Service
If you are tired of nonworking and slow proxies it`s time to start using VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.
Key Benefits of anonymous VPN:

* Fast speed.
* No need to check regularly (as proxy).VPN servers are available all the time.
* Absolute anonymity.
* No provider logs.
* 100% content encryption.

For all customers at the moment we offer unlimited traffic.
Anonymous Virtual Private Network gives you the best shield for you daily surfing and work in World Wide Web.VPN is the most secure kind of
protection that provides you extreme anonymity.

I should add that it's not about the access to porn or whether you log onto Second Life as the opposite gender that you really wish to keep secret. It's your economic life and career future that can be protected with this one simple step. A VPN account will keep your public identity and your online life separate - and that online life will be untracable to you. And if you think surfing for porn is a bad idea, even from home, consider what happens when your boss knows your home IP address and does a search for your online postings and activities by IP.

Or worse yet, your boss's competetitor. Or your competitor. Yeah, owning your own business means you are a primary target for industrial espionage - and most small businesses never think twice about their communications security.

And yet, the vast majority of espionage, worldwide, is for economic and business data; trade secrets, buying patterns, economic and financial patterns. One ill-advised email that can be traced back to you could sink your company.

So a little insurance seems like a good idea, and the happy side effect is that you can surf for porn with a good deal more security. That would be worth fifteen bucks to quite a few people ... but aside from being it's own reward, there is nothing like a large, predictable flow of questionable materials to conceal your real worries. The best place to hide a needle is not in a haystack - it's in a pile of needles. So the best place to hide something you are concerned about being discovered having seen or written is within a pile of plausibly embarrassing materials.

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