Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Do Conservatives Spend Their Time Thinking About?

A hilarious look at the "top ten" most-visited articles for the "right" alternative to Wikipedia, "Conservapedia." Apparently reality DOES have a well-known liberal bias! Seriously, read their prideful declaration of superiority.And social liberals wonder why logic, reason, unbiased research and common sense in matters covered by WickiPedia for and by mostly sane and reasonable people falls on deaf ears. Reason (and the tolerance of unreason) is excusable only up to the point where you realize that you are dealing with people who's intelligence is inexplicably and impertinently lodged far too near their neighbor's prostate. At some point, made obvious by as the creation of a "resource" capable of of attracting people so dangerously concerned with the Colo-Rectal Correctness of others that it could even approximate such statistics, well, THAT is the point that if you are still saying "nice doggy," it had best be in service of luring the rabid creature in range of your lithonic correction apparatus.

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