Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bargains on tech gear!

Interested in tech bargains? I imagine that's a fair bet if you fall into my demographic - perpetually underfunded techno-nerd. But as a perpetually dissociated person, my big problem is not so much knowing what I want, it's remembering what I want at a time when I have the money to pay for it, so that I don't spend the money on something frivolous like food or mild drink when I could be spending it on valuable geektoys.

I gave this site a couple quick pokes and a peek or two to see what it can do, and I found that I can configure it to alert me if stuff comes up that I'm interested in, or in a dozen other ways.

Best of all, it's just pure hypertext on speed; no blinks, no flashes, no fancy templates - just content at warp speed.

And the bottom line is that it's got a powerful lot of good stuff at great prices, (I checked) as well as a huge list of coupons to use with various retailers.

It's going into my bookmarks, fa sure.

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