Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Comfy Leather Home Theater Seating

I logged into PayPerPost to see what I could write about that fits my demographics, my interests and my curiosity. Well, Boston Tables, purveyors high quality game and pool tables would like you to know that they have a broad selection of Home Theater Seating. It makes sense; in many homes, it would all go into the "rec room," which in many homes is also the only room big enough for a plasma or LCD screen in the "omygod" range.

Now, LOOK at this! That is WORTHY of a 50 inch plasma, don't you think? I mean, I want one. Well, once I have the 50 inch Plasma..

Of course if you are wanting to go the whole red drapes route with that high-end projection television... well - they can do that too.

I was expecting Home Theater Seating to cost a great deal more than ordinary furniture that might be used to watch an ordinary television, because a "home theater" sounds so much more upscale than "TV Room." I was surprised to find that the prices were in the same ballpark as what I'd paid for a similar dual-recliner leather sofa from a chain store some fifteen years ago. Might even be lower, taking inflation into account. With free shipping* in the continental US, you will find some seriously competitive prices here. Competitive enough that you might want to consider having them throw an entertainment center worthy of your new seating on that big rig.

Now, style is a serious consideration. Boston Tables offers a variety of classic styling designed to fit any decor. The last thing you want is furniture that is going to embarrass you in a decade or so, when trend turns to faux pas. Well - with one possible exception. They have sports themed everything, including Home Theater Seating themed with every possible combination of sport and team.

I consider that a total faux pas - but millions disagree. Personally, I'd go for a pub theme. It's so much classier and then you can add in a bar. And yes, most of what you need to put the whole room together will come on the same truck.

Please notice the handy-dandy laptop storage in the arms and the ottoman that looks like it's designed to hold a gaming console. It's perfect for the basement game room, right out of the box. But with a household wireless network and a lap desk or a rack of tv tables, this could also be the centerpiece of your home office, especially with counter-height tables and adjustable height seating to plonk the main workstations upon. Yes, they have those too.

Well, it IS April, and time to think of tax deductions. Call it your "home teleconferencing center" and write it off! Once you sink into that leather, kick back with your laptop and flip on CNN while checking out your email, I think you might take that idea a great deal more seriously. It's a heck of a setup for running your powerpoint presentation - a CEO grade setup on a middle-manager's budget.

*Limited time offer; restrictions apply. See site for details.

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