Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Problem With The Puzzle People

Unfortunately, one of the issues their father and I have is what's in their best interests and how to treat them. He's one of the anti-vax folks, ready to try the cure-du-jour the minute he reads about it, and thinks that I don't work hard enough to "cure" the younger one (because otherwise he'd be cured already, don'tcha know)
He is typical of many of the folks you'll see in the media this month -- stuck at the "devastated" stage of having your child diagnosed with a disability.
He is desperate. He refuses to accept his son for who he is, to take joy in what he CAN do, rather than bemoan what he can't do. I understand this. I can sympathize with this. But I cannot condone this eternal wallowing in the general unfairness of life. No one promised you a "normal" child, and having one who doesn't fit the traditional categories of "normal" is also not the worst thing that ever happened to anyone.
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From a mom with AS spectrum kids and an ex who's a curebie.

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