Sunday, April 13, 2008

Video Exclusive of John Best's victory!

Neurodiversity says "No Mas"

Joseph, one of the leaders of Neurodiversity, conceeded defeat tonight. He was discussing Kathleen Seidel's deranged attacks on decent people when I confronted him with the truth. A couple of the usual nitwits chimed in with the typical insults and it seemed to be a normal foray into Neuronitwit territory. Then Joseph took major offense to what I had to say about Kathleen's inane attacks on decent people and started quoting some terms of service crap at me. I guess he thought that would scare me away.
Exciting stuff! And thanks to the magic of the internet, we found coverage on You-Tube. (How could it be exclusive, you ask? Because only we are that rude. Well, except for John, and he's not that funny.)

Anyway, without further adeu; a prophetic dramatization of the conflict between Joseph, that nattering nabob of neurodiversity, and The Black Knight. I mean, John Best.

...But... But... The Black Knight is Invincible!


Foresam said...

Bob, I think you win the award for being the dumbest fuck I've met who's associated with neuroinsanity. Congrat's!!

Bob King said...

Considering the source I shall have to take that as a high complement.

Oh. And "I win."



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