Thursday, July 03, 2008

For want of a friend, a pair of shoes were lost...

The Dark Wraith Forums / Mortar Man

It's a story about an ordinary soldier being "stop-lossed," presumably because he's got a vital skill and nobody (Republican or otherwise) has stepped up to do their presumable duty in a time of legitimate war. So much for the republicans arguing from the home front that this war is vital and necessary - were that true, they'd be sending their own sons.

As they are not, ordinary Joes are sent time and time again, until they are dead or used up completely.

The story is best read in original context; this is one. Suffice it to say that all the really informative war stories are about people and the connections between them, both made and abruptly severed. Oh, and the fact that much can be made about which soldiers get sent where.

You see, the vital skill for this particular soldier is "Mortarman."

That's what we call "human intelligence" folks. We could use more of it in Washington. In ALL senses of the phrase.

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