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Digg this: Shills whine about lack of balance

Sometimes you just gotta roll your eyes. This is one of the rather more reasonable comments. Most are along the lines of "dugg down for coming via HuffPo.

Digg really sucks when it comes to politics. Obama is like Jesus and McCain is the spawn of Satan and Hitler."
No, Obama is like JFK and McCain is the spawn of Cantor and Segal.

Dudes and dudettes; this is no longer about "fair." Or rather, it is precisely about "fair." Digg folk are overwhelmingly coming from a technocratic mindset. They tend to understand the processes and procedures of anything they talk about. Most of all, they understand GIGO.

If Garbage comes out, it must have been Garbage when it went in. One inarguable FACT is that we are all hip-deep in garbage. The only intellectually respectable viewpoints are ones that argue FROM that essential reality, going toward "well, what shall we do about it?" But in order to win or lose such an argument, you have to actually participate in it.

When you come and say that it would be "fair" to say that this pile of toxic sludge filled with used needles and UNused condoms
is Bush's Sacred Legacy of Organic Compost That Will Fertilize The Sacred Future of Our Family Values, you are not being being seen as a conservative, you are an obvious Luser!

As the T-Shirt Cited Above implies, Lusers are a waste of precious photons.

Pretending to respect their viewpoint in order to reason with them is fruitless, their respect for process is non-existent and their comprehension of the system their stupid ideas would be implemented on are on the order of Ted Steven's Internet Tubes.

A "Luser" is someone who does not understand the system well enough to be permitted a user account on the network. If their job requires such access, well, there's only one rational response - arranging their sudden unemployment.

One does not accommodate them, one ensures they will be replaced with someone smart enough to believe the IT Manager when he or she says that it's a bad idea that cannot be usefully implemented. Should the firm be stupid enough to fire their IT manager for telling them that what they want is impossible (not unlike, say, what happened to Gen. Shinseki), and hire one that will, you are the sort of person that is given as a reason why a network node gets suddenly "black-holed." Your proper fate
is not political - it's to meet the BOFH in a back alley. But in practice, the network simply ignores you, with decreasing increments of tolerance.

In this case, "The Network" is both the internet as a whole, and more significantly, those who use the Internet to make significant decisions about economics, religion, politics, climate, public policy, education, defense, drug policy, disability, diversity, race relations, gender issue are starting to realize that the people who propose any intelligent, fact-based approach, any approach that makes any sense from any fiscal or ethical perspective are being opposed by the same pack of mal-informed lunatics.

Here's one guy
who "hates autism" and thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is part of a conspiracy to poison children. He's got equally valid opinions on politics, too. The people who agree with this guy - they hang out at Free Republic, in Dominionist and Evangelical churches - anywhere that will provide simple answers that involve blaming and punishing other people for the issues they see as being critically important to Fixing Our Nation.

Those of us who oppose their ideas ideologically or who simply observe that correlation does not equal causation, or that "but, um... the Bible doesn't actually say anything of the kind," well, we are subjected to hate speech of that order, faithfully treated by our useless MSM as being "an opinion as good as any other."

Well, aside from being vile, hateful, disturbing, disgusting and evil, leading inevitably to violent reactions by those who've been told that it really WOULD be a good idea of a few "liberals" were shot or hung, every single idea they have is of the same idiot level, so any vaguely credible source is of course going to displease them.

So when they get onto dig and dig things down BECAUSE they come from a credible source, it is definitely time to hark back to the values of OUR founding fathers, succinctly put in one message here.

Intelligent vertebrate humanoid lifeforms, generally dismissed regardless of their views as liberals because of their Unchristian and Unamerican Habits of Critical Thought; such "liberals" as myself have largely "Killfiled" anyone still supporting bushista values.

To the extent that they are still allowed to emit spam and carrier-based "Denial of Services Attacks," we as "Global Node" are about to get "black holed." To validate such fool ideas by bothering to even read them, much less displaying personal or professional courtesy to someone who is such a willfully damned fool contributes to that nigh inevitable Giant Sucking Sound.

I personally do not care to see this happen - but on the other hand, it might be time to consider switching to an ISP that doesn't confuse "Make Money Fast" spam with a political platform.
I'd never mistake the Huffington Post for being anything other than gleefully biased - but on the other hand, it's impossible to pretend that you can go to World Net Daily and get an equally well-researched take from the Other Side.

The problem these days is that The Other Side doesn't have any legitimate, credible foundation, due to fratricide. Those permitted (and generally well-compensated) to participate in the Noise Machine are vetted with an eye toward never letting facts inconvenience their assertions.

And since they tend to do everything they can to damage those who disagree, and those of supposed like minds are closest, the largest pile of casualties has been within the Republican party. When Bob Barr feels unwelcome in that tent, it's not a tent any more. It's a pointy white dunce cap.

Persons of wisdom tend to remain silent regarding matters where speaking up will force you to utter provable absurdities. I don't know where all the smart people on the "other side" have gone, but as the years have gone by, it's become clear that "Reality has a well-known Liberal Bias."

"Now I know there's some polls out there saying this man has a 32-percent approval rating," Mr. Colbert said a few moments later. "But guys like us, we don't pay attention to the polls. We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking 'in reality.' And reality has a well-known liberal bias."

Colbert's unmerciful accuracy in assessing the political acumen and respect for differing opinions of the Brush-Grubbing Boob and at the same time, putting it sqarely within the frame and in the language of the eutraphied trickle that is what remains of "Mainstream Conservatism" is a softball quip in retrospect.

"Liberal" is a code word in those narrow and lifeless confines for those who respect cause and effect and who know which end of the gun goes "bang."

That's all it takes to be deemed a "liberal" these days. Well, "If this be liberalism...."

Let's re-read this again... It's so marvelous in it's clueless Luserness.

Digg really sucks when it comes to politics. Obama is like Jesus and McCain is the spawn of Satan and Hitler.

Oh, that's an unfair comparison. Satan is characterized as being frighteningly competent at tempting fools and leading them toward destruction. That makes those who can be inadequately compared to him deluded fools by definition. Nonetheless, a certain degree of cleverness is required, a certain jaded cynical resignation - and the one common characteristic of the Dead-Enders is their unmistakable, utterly sincere volitional ignorance and stupidity.

Well, that rules out Hitler and hell, most all Nazis, save the SA Brownshirts - who were "The first against the wall."

Hitler was a genius in many ways; most significantly, he was amazingly good at picking people as good or better than he was to support his agendas and ridding himself of those who proved unreliable.

I simply cannot imagine Hitler saying "Heckuva Job, Brownie," unless it was an ironic percursor to a bullet behind the ear.

To him, ideology was a means to an end; he rarely made the mistake of believing his own propaganda.

Most critically, HE was The Leader. The great corporations - including firms such as Standard Oil and other firms entangled with Prescott Bush were beholden to him, not the other way around. It's a damn insult to Hitler to compare him with Bush or McCain. Goddess, it's like confusing Pinky and The Brain.

"Hitler and McCain, Hitler and McCain, one was an evil genius, the other's McSame..."

Don't even bother to compare McCain either to past presidents and founding fathers; certainly not Abe Lincoln, the essential Republican. The FAILURES of Lincoln worked out better than things his living successors claim as successes!

Satan and Hitler were at least worthy of respect. And comparing Obama to Jesus might be over the top, but he's been known to admit that Jesus had a point or two in the Beatitudes, so it's not a completely invalid assertion.

Which leader seems more likely to fix this country; someone who could be expected to fail to live up to the standards of Jesus, or one who can't be expected to live up to Hitler?

Feel free to dig up reality-based, factual and inherently interesting stories that speak to McCain's solid, consistent, selfless and heroic defense of the Constitution that, should he win, he will swear to preserve, defend and uphold. Hell, I'll go a step further - don't just dig it up, SHOUT it to me. Please.

The problem for reality-based conservatism is that nothing that Bush has done, and nothing that McCain talks about doing ties into anything that is genuinely Conservative. Indeed, you only need to read the title of a bill, figure out the absolute opposite, and presume that's what's going to happen, because most often that's the case.

Like, say, lowering taxes. That would, in a non-bizarro Conservative universe have led to more disposable income, leading to an invigorated ecoonomy, with manifestations such as a growth in small buisiness, home ownership, personal savings and investments. Right? Those are the reasons given justifying the tax cuts.

But what we have is the complete opposite. And if you look at what's happend, that's because, in actual effect, that for all but the bizarrely rich, effective taxes went UP.

By taxes, I mean things like gas prices, debt driven inflation and the cost of doing business. A "tax" is a cost imposed upon us by government fiat or by consequence of it's policies that we cannot avoid paying. It really doesn't matter that taxes used to benefit the nation as a whole, and now benefit the few and the wealthy, since under this administration, the net result would be the same, no net benefit to me and you in the very BEST case.

And of course, in States dependent on federal dollars to balance budgets, inflationary taxes turn into very damn REAL taxes. Here in Nevada, No Child Left Behind, which is largely an un-funded mandate, has absolutely cut the guts out of our state budget.

A suspicious mind might come to the conclusion that the whole point was to destroy the current public education system, so that for-profit "private" schools and curriculum providers tied to the Republicans could make huge profits delivering less at even higher cost. Rather like Kellogg, Brown and Root, and it's parent, Haliburton.

It's not a choice between a Democrat and a Republican, it's a choice between a Democrat and a Kleptocrat.
Given the track record the Kleptocrats have in stealing elections - we won't even be sure that is anything more that a cosmetic choice.


Foresam said...

It figures a dope like you would think you have to choose between Dem's and Rep's. What a moron!

Bob King said...

Oh, yeah. A Constitution Party Stalwart speaks up.

Constitution Party? Heeeeeere's your sign!


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