Sunday, August 24, 2008

John McCain Hates God's Beer!

McCaint's Green Policy; make Arizona Green and Colorado Sepia.

Oh, McCain. This is your idea of a "Green Initiative," ain't it?

Has it occurred to you that Coors without pure water is... Corona? Ah, but something tells me that you are not the man for a frosty can of Coors; it's a working man's beer.

McCain told The Pueblo Chieftan last week that he wants to renegotiate the 1922 Colorado River compact to re-appropriate water from the upper basin states, like Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, where the river originates and give it to lower basin states like California, and his home state of Arizona. McCain said:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt the major, major issue is water and can be as important as oil. So the compact that is in effect, obviously, needs to be renegotiated over time amongst the interested parties. I think that there’s a movement amongst the governors to try, if not, quote, renegotiate, certainly adjust to the new realities of high growth, of greater demands on a scarcer resource.”

“Over my cold, dead, political carcass,” said Bob Schaffer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. “The compact is the only protection Colorado has from several more politically powerful downstream states. Opening it for renegotiation would be the equivalent of a lamb discussing with a pack of wolves what should be on the dinner menu.”
All politics are local and McCain seems to have forgotten that some issues - such as our Yucca Mountain, water rights and grazing - absolutely can and will trump ideological support.

But when you piss off Colorado water users, you are not just pissing off Coloradans - you are pissing off the people who make, sell, buy and drink Coor's Beer.

That would be the Very Right Republican Coors Family. Now that's a gaffe! And while he will apologize - or rather, while he will "clarify his views," it won't help. He was perfectly clear the first time and it makes perfect sense - coming from the Senior Senator from Arizona. And indeed, he's been joking about it for years. Coloradans weren't sure it was a joke. Now they are sure.

It's not. And now it's political suicide for any Republican seeking office to support McCain.

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