Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shakes, Echidne, PortlyDyke and all, This Shirt's For You!

I was inspired to go looking for an illustration for Lysastrata, the famous Greek Comedy by Aristophanes regarding a novel stratagem to end a pointless war.

I was going to do my usual thing and hang a post on it. But at the risk of seeming as if I'm just trying to sell a (really cool and clasically hip) t-shirt, I don't think such a post would add anything but keywords for the engines.

So let it stand as it is. "Who Would Lysistrata Do" is one of the great Rhetorical Questions of our time.

BTW, if this shirt makes people call me a "Feminazi" - well, it's no worse than being called a "godless liberal," and a great deal funnier. So, go ahead; give us all a laugh. I don't look ANYTHING like Ann Coulter.

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