Friday, August 22, 2008

John Best: Is "Batshit" in the DSM?

Hating Autism: "How Neurodiversity and the Illuminati Will Murder Us"
Heeer's your tinfoil hat, John! None of us Neuro-Nuts have to shill for Big Pharma any more. You see, he's the perfect example of what sort of person believes the things he talk about, and talks about those who disagree the way he does.

We can all see you holed up in your Idaho compound, muttering about the International Zionist Conspiracy, fluoridation and mind control.

That is to say, he's a "Family Values Republican"

Oh, and he's also convinced that any vaccination plan to deal with a potential pandemic is one of the means by which "the Illuminati Will Get You."

Cue the theme from Twilight Zone.

I'm afraid I didn't get the memo, no doubt due to the fact that I'm on S.M.O.F's inactive list and of course, T.I.N.C has no actual mailing list.

But, alas, the Human Genome Project fairly much ruled out the possibility of eliminating "undesirable traits" from the population by eugenic approaches. Sadly, this includes stupidity.

John, what sort of person do you think is responsible for the most part for the human genome project, aside from these here tubes?

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