Sunday, August 27, 2006

If the Administration were really serious about Homeland Security, what would they do?

The Gun Toting Liberal » Blog Archive » Border (in)security: Iranian terrorists infiltrating United States by strolling across porous Mexico-U.S. border:
"It is simply SHAMEFUL that our Government cares so little about it’s people that it harrasses them at the airports, wiretaps their private phone calls, data mines their Internets surfing, spies on them to make certain they aren’t “terr’ists”, and monitors their phone records while turning a blinded eye to our borders. Hell, it’s not even just “shameful”, it’s frigging TREASONOUS!"

Yeah, well, we kinda knew that already. Because everything they have been doing is idiotic from a national security standpoint, but makes real good sense if you want to set up a totalitarian state with a subclass of imported wage-slaves.

More on this later, methinks.

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