Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jack Shoots Back - New web ad speaks out against Presidential Wiretapping.

Via Turn Tahoe Blue:

Here is the latest web-exclusive ad by Nevada's voice to Washington, Jack Carter. Sven comments:

American values are essentially Nevada values and nothing is more important to many Nevadans than liberty and freedom.
Now, I've lived in Nevada ten years ago and it is kind of strange to see that it is a Democrat who has to say "I don't want any President deciding on his own to wiretap me and my family". Back then any good Republican would have been appalled at any President doing such a thing, especially those in Nevada. Back then no Republican would have expected a President of his own party to infringe on the liberty and freedom of the American people like this President has done.

As I've mentioned, I support Jack Carter, and while I do think he'd make a damn fine Nevada senator, because he's got the chops to be a damn fine WORKING Senator. He is, bluntly, everything Ensign isn't and can't imagine being. Carter is wisely, and I think genuinely placing himself as a reasonable centrist who pays attention to the concerns of the little guy, while having the background to whip out a graphing calculator and run the numbers. The fact that he's neck and neck with Ensign without spending anywhere near the same money points out his effectiveness in person.

CLEARLY, we need people in Washington who can figure out what the financial impact of some whizbang gizmatron or tax reform might be - clearly something no neocon can do. (Reality-checking ain't a big part of their faith...)

So even if you aren't a Nevada Voter, throwing him a few bucks is a wise investment in the future of the nation. Even if you happen to be a Republican; he's a fiscal conservative and a civil libertarian, which is a very respectable sort of old-fashioned sort of Republicanism.

If you are a "vote for the man, not the party" sort; it's truly a no-brainier; even if Carter were not such a good candidate, Sen Exxon is such an appalling waste of space that the decision is obvious. Fortunately, this is not a choice between the lesser of two evils. Carter has the stuff to be a brilliant senator, and I frankly hope his ambitions stop right there.

You can donate to the Carter campaign here, Via Act Blue

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