Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Corrupt Bastards Club (Alaska Chapter)

LieparDestin reports from Alaska about an unholy alliance between an oil and gas company and several Alaska legislators - with direct ties to Sen Ted "Tubes" Stevens.

Sen. Stevens himself has been the subject of a federal visitation.

*Federal agents swarmed legislative offices around the state Thursday, executing search warrants in a coordinated series of raids that appeared to target the longstanding relationship between the oil-field service company Veco and leading lawmakers.

*The Offices of Senate President Ben Stevens (son of Ted 'Tubes' Stevens) and Senate Rules Committee Chairman John Cowdery where searched, as well as Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla, the chairman of the House Special Committee on Oil & Gas. And Reps. Pete Kott of Eagle River and Bruce Weyhrauch of Juneau, and Sen. Donny Olson of Nome. Kott, a former House speaker, and Weyhrauch are Republicans. Olson is the only Democrat in the group.

*In disclosures he was required to file as a legislator, Stevens said he was paid $243,000 over the last five years as a "consultant" to Veco. Whenever he was asked to describe what he did for the money, Stevens refused to answer. The company also refused to say.

*Warrants were executed in Girdwood, where Ted Stevens has a home and offices.

*Agents left Stevens' Capitol office Thursday evening with 12 boxes of documents labeled "Evidence" and loaded them into a vehicle waiting them outside.

*In 1985 just a few years after the company had emerged from bankruptcy and boosted its political involvement, Veco was fined more than $72,000 for a scheme that funneled secret donations to a select slate of candidates through an employee payroll deduction plan

*One of VECO President Pete Leathard's sons, Scott, is on the Ted Steven's Staff.


A specific item named in the search for seizure: "Any physical garments (including hats) bearing any of the following logos or phrases: `CBC,' `Corrupt Bastards Club,' `Corrupt Bastards Caucus,' `VECO.'"

LieparDestin notes: "The Corrupt Bastards Club started as a barroom joke last spring among Alaska legislators whose names were linked to large campaign contributions from oil field services company VECO Corp. Hilarious right? This is STRANGELY SIMILAR to Cunningham and Wilkes joking about being in 'The Poway Mafia'. But thats not the only similarity between the scandals, as you've probably noticed."

My little sidelight to this is the observation that the FBI is actually going after these people, no doubt over the objections of the White House, where Oil and Gas lubricates everything. Is this evidence of a rank-and-file revolt at the FBI? If so, the President's hopes of creating a proper totalitarian state are definitely under threat.
Hm. Does this qualify as an "October Surprise?"

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