Thursday, December 13, 2007

Debsweb: Family Values

I don't hold to traditional family values in large part because the values my family had... well, they were traditional. For traveling Irish Salesmen.

But I did pick up values here and there, and one big one is "what goes around, comes around." That may well be a univesal truth. Certainly those who believe in the concept of Karma do.

Oh, and it also fits the concept of thermodynamics.

Debsweb: Family Values:
What bothers me the most about this is that it was so widespread. So many people went along with the program, never questioning themselves or their orders but all too willing to put to the question anybody that fit a certain profile. By deciding that people were guilty and trying to get information by any means necessary to confirm their suspicions, any moral high ground was lost to the dustbins of history. Just like every other debacle of this Bush league administration, no one could have anticipated that the truth would eventually come out.

Well, it's out now and even some of Bush's staunchest supporters are willing to question the administration's behavior.
House minority leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, told reporters yesterday that he supports a thorough congressional inquiry.

"I think that we need to get to the bottom of why the tapes were made, why they were destroyed, under what authority were they made, and under what authority were they destroyed," Boehner said.
I'm thinking of teaching Shadow some doggie tricks, now all I have to do is figure out how to use the Demowienies ability to roll over and play dead as an example.

I think we should look very hard at late-date converts as well as those who manage to praise Bush with faint damns.

Why ain't this administration in jail? There's no sensible answer to that question.


Deb said...

Thank you. Lately I've felt like I'm living in an alternate reality where people look the same, but their soul is gone.

It makes me sad.

Bob King said...

Yep, and it seems that the ranks have been swelled by those we sent to washington to deal with the problem of the soullessly evil.


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