Thursday, December 13, 2007

I anticipate an "I'm NOT GAY" bashing any day now - by Republicans

clipped from
4 Gay Men Tell Of Dealings With Sen. Larry Craig
Four gay men have told a
Boise newspaper that they have been hit on by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig and have now
come forward because they are tired of conservative Republican's insistence he is
not gay.
Craig is fighting a guilty plea he entered in his
guilty plea from a gay sex sting bust. When news of the bust and the Idaho
senator's guilty plea became public Craig called a news conference to say he
felt pressured into making the guilty plea and "I am not gay. I have never
been gay."
The Idaho Statesman reported Sunday that the four
men came to the paper as result of Craig's statements and his negative voting
record on LGBT civil rights.
Two of the men told the paper that they had sex
with Craig.  A third man said Craig had made a pass at him and the fourth
said he had what the paper called "unusual attention" from the
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Larry Craig keeps trying to slam the closet door shut, just as "Macaca" Alan tried to keep his jewish ancestry hidden. Revalations such as this tend to make one question how many self-professed "social conservatives" are simply perverse control-freaks with a taste for cornholing the public in every way possible.

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