Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bad Puns and Cute Dragons

Yourassis Dragon
This is the sort of thing I do when I can't deal with ranting.

I spent a very enjoyable day yesterday doing the illustration, per John's request. John is actually going to wear this in public! Family, Eh; what can you do?

Now, I like bad puns as much as the next aspie, but I confess this one was beyond me. But I'm perverse enough to love it after the fact.

It makes cute kids stuff too, since I did the text and the dragon separately.

And that makes it possible to have the sister design - the "Myassis Dragon." That would be the one I'd wear. Today, anyhow.

But more importantly... It makes FIERCE Keds!

1 comment:

CuriousInkling said...

Heh, I have to admit it took me a while before I got it but once I did, I laughed out loud. Very cute dragon too. Do you create your designs in Illustrator or Photoshop mostly? For some reason I find it very tedious to design in PS but I know a lot of artists who are very comfortable in it.

I really enjoyed your blog. You have some killer items in here. If you get a chance check out my graphic shirts at


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