Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Northwest Passage plus Arctic Resources a perilious and opportune moment for Canada.

clipped from www.russiatoday.com
Arctic time bomb set for 2020?
According to Jane's International Defence Review (IDR) magazine, by 2020 fossil fuels could heat up conflicts over the ice-cold plains of the North Pole.

As the ice caps melt and the vast recourses located at the top the world become more accessible, the stakes could be raised.

“Well, the worst case scenario will be some kind of conflict in the Arctic, in particular driven by the high price of oil and gas,” said Christian Le Miere, IDR’s Managing Editor. “If countries find themselves in need of these resources they may be forced or compelled to act in a military fashion.”
five major states are already racing for their piece of cake: Russia, Canada, Norway, Denmark and the US.
planted a Russian titanium flag and took some samples of the soil to prove that it is a continuation of the Siberian continental shelf, verifying it as Russian territory.
whether Russia's claim will be able to cut any ice
is anybody's guess.
- other contenders will not give up this treasure without a fight.
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Canada poised to become superpower - or lunch.

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