Wednesday, October 08, 2008

THAT ONE and Joe

"That one," in reference to Barack Obama, might be the most talked about sound byte from any election or primary debate this year. NOW Magazine

McCain made the remark tonight when discussing a 2005 Senate vote on an energy bill. “There was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney. You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one,” he said, pointing to Obama. “You know who voted against it? Me.”- WSJ
You know what I think? I think the whole debate - such as it was - revealed a grumpy, shallow, occasionally incoherent old man, one who can barely contain his disrespect for his colleague.

Is it because Obama is black? Is it because Obama is clearly smarter? Is it due to some coatroom slight? Ya know, I don't really care.

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