Monday, October 30, 2006

When the Macaque hit the fan : GraphicDesign :

GraphicDesign : When the Macaque hit the fan

Sen. George Allen of Virginia, being a good Right-Wing Christian and all, was no doubt praying to God for a way out of the mess his Macaque remark put him into.

And God or Providence responded with a golden political opportunity, one that, had he been capable of recognising it, might have saved his political career and perhaps even his Presidential ambitions.

He just forgot one thing. She has a helluva sense of humor!

Yenta Mama Allen

Yenta Mama Allen
Odd how this all seems to revovle around George Allen's relationship with his mother. I guess we could call this a "schaudenfreudian slip."

George Allen; Racist

George Allen; Racist
George Allen posing with Charlton Heston and three members of the Consesvative Citizen's Council.

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