Thursday, November 02, 2006

"And the scales fell from their eyes;" Christianist Dissallusionment Grows

Pam publicly empathizes with Right Wing Christianist disappointment, and even outrage at being exploited for their votes and efforts by cynical Republican operatives.

Pam's House Blend: Tears are simply streaming down my face at the thought of your rain-soaked and ruined biblically-based flyers on the evils of homosexuality and the preservation of marriage as well as precious pamphlets about the sanctity of the holy egg and sperm -- and how to keep them from co-mingling until a proper heterosexual marital bond is established.

It appears that the GOP is a party without a moral compass, with a gubernatorial candidate accused of sexual assault, a Senate candidate allowing supporters to physically assault citizens, and a House member who beats his wife -- and that's just surfaced in the last couple of days.

While you are faithfully supporting the troops, a Republican House leader blamed those same troops for Iraq mess. What are you going to do?

Yeah, well, there's a maxim in politics, originated by P.T. Barnum; "Never give a sucker an even break."

You guys are led by folks who very much like to think of themselves as powerful, influential men. Men like the Reverend James Dobson, Pat Robertson and that ilk; men who it turned out could be bought with a pair of cuff-links or a photo-op with the dimwit in chief. This despite it being long since obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the Administration wasn't governing up to the standards of any variety of Christianity, much less yours.

Don't blame the carnival barker for fleecing a mark. That's what Carnies do. If you don't want to be treated like a mark, don't go to the Carnival.

Hasn't the fact that you are on every "Christian Lending" and "Christian Home Business Opportunity" and "Christian Vinyl Siding" sucker list given you a clue by now? These days, all you need to sell some poor diseased pig in a poke is to slap a fish sticker on it's ass and take it to Church with you.

You might want to ask yourself why you are sending money to people who are obviously too dumb to count it, and you might want to ask the other obvious question:

"Am I really THAT gullible?"

Yeah. At least in the context of the herd. When Jesus said, "feed my sheep," it wasn't a complement and he wasn't TALKING to the biggest sheep.

But don't worry. If you can ask the question, you are on the way to recovery. While you are at it, you might wanna check out your Bible for the places where Jesus talks about the evils of homosexuality and abortion. Remember, Christianity is about the things Christ thought important.

Homosexual behavior, prostitution, witchcraft, drinking, gambling, abortion, fornication, recreational drug use; all these things were as common in the days of Jesus as they are today, so if you are looking to an example for how to condemn, chide and shame folks who do bad things, you really should be looking toward what Jesus did.

Sunday school question: what was the only recorded case of Jesus losing His temper? So, then, WHO and WHAT should you have the least tolerance for?

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