Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ensign on Stem Cells: At least he's pretty sure they don't come from switchgrass.

Carter Blog | Jack Carter for Senate: "John Ensign’s position [on stem cell research] only works if you’re confused: if you don’t understand that embryonic stem cells promise miracles and adult stem cells offer much, much less. He says that he opposes funding stem cell research because it involves techniques that could be used in human cloning. This is flat-out absurd. It’s like saying that because lighting your oven involves the same initial step as one would take to burn down a house, it should be banned as arson. The embryos used in stem cell research are never going to be implanted in women; they will not – cannot – become clones."

Aren't you a little sick of this sort of reasoning; banning things because they might lead to some people doing something wrong? This is the same reason why I now have to beg my pharmacist to allow my to buy pseudoephedrine - because if it were more easily available, I MIGHT be tempted to turn it into methamphetamine.

So instead of the drug that works best for my runny nose and headache, I have to settle for a second-best product that doesn't work as well and probably rots my kidneys.

Aren't you a little tired of having your judgment and, yes, your personal honor called into question by those who are clearly unworthy to question ANYONE's judgment, morals or status as law-abiding, ethical citizens?

If you donate to Jack Carter via this link, your donation will be matched three for one. Make a secure matched online contribution of $35, $50 or more today to have four times the impact on building a Democratic majority. In the senate, that's critical. And it's also critical to rid ourselves of a Senator who is simply a Lobbiest in Residence.

This time, remember that it is YOUR job to stay involved, to interact, to pester, to advocate, to demand and to encourage your elected officials to act as they should. Because this crop of dimwits - they are living examples of the price of apathy.

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