Saturday, November 04, 2006

Updated: Vote Fraud Ensign's Response to Carter Campaign?

BUMPDATE: Republicans also concerned about Sequoya machines, suspect linkage to Venezualan government?
BradBlog - from March, but details the sort of errors complained of here occured in Fla. in March. You'd think that would be time enough to fix the problem.

This was sent to me by the Carter Campaign - I have no confirmation as yet, but will be following this and will add to this as I find out more. Meanwhile, please watch your vote carefully, and report problems immediately.

Voter Fraud Alert in Nevada

A Jack Carter voter in North Las Vegas has reported that she cast her vote for Jack Carter and the machine would not register her vote for Jack Carter. Instead, her vote was cast for the None of the Above option.

The Election Protection lawyers are following up on this report now.

It is of vital importance to our democracy and the future of our nation that each and every citizen be vigilant and aware of the potential for voter fraud.

If anybody hears of any incident of voter fraud, intimidation, telephone, e-mail or any difficulties WHAT-SO-EVER with casting a vote, WHETHER in, at or around a POLLING PLACE or ANY OTHER PLACE as we continue through early voting and lead up to election day, please do the following:

  • Get the full name and phone number, polling place, time and as detailed a description of the facts of the incident as you know them.
  • Call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-737-3367 and pass on the report to the lawyers on call as soon as possible. DO NOT DELAY! Any delay in reporting could prevent effective action from being taken and could disenfranchise more voters.
  • Call the Carter Campaign office with the report so that we can be aware of the incidents and make sure it gets followed UP

Any suspicion of voter fraud should be forwarded to the Nevada State Democratic Party’s Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-737-3367.

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