Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flaccid Thinking Exposed

The Randi Rhodes Show -> A Letter to Rush Limbaugh: " A Letter to Rush Limbaugh (email of 18 March 2006)
By Walter C. Uhler

Dear Mr. Limbaugh:

While discussing charges -- on your nationally syndicated radio show of March 14, 2006 -- that President Bush is a 'liar' and that the war in Iraq is 'unjust,' you wondered aloud: 'How many Iraqi women and children have been killed by insurgents who have been emboldened by the American left?' Moments later you asked: 'What do you think this is doing for the morale of these insurgents who are probably in their last gasp over there or close to it?'

... I was especially offended to learn that you delimited patriotic criticism of our immoral, illegal and incompetently planned invasion/occupation of Iraq to "emboldening" Iraq's insurgents. Besides indicating flaccid thinking in the service of bias, such tunnel vision smacks of McCarthyism.

Tell me, do you suspect the patriotism of (Ret.) General William Odom? Could you qualify as his butler, when it comes to the analysis of facts on the ground in Iraq? Do you have his contacts with America's senior military leadership? No? I thought not. Is his informed and unquestionably patriotic call for getting out of Iraq merely emboldening the enemy? How do you know? And is there no more to his critique than that?
Now, I mostly stopped listening to Rush regularly when I realized that he just made stuff up, stopped my infrequent checks when I noticed that he couldn't handle real questions from actual, unscreened callers and stopped completely when I realised that he wasn't funny any more.

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