Friday, March 24, 2006

People get the government they deserve. And not just BROWN people.

You know, I don't feel so lonely today. This is an excellent and thoughtful editorial, talking about the general lack of ethics in our society. While I'm not one to winge on at length like some wingnuts do about the "epidemic of immorality," that's because I think the most damaging lapses of ethics occur out of bed.

But Doug is totally right in saying that this is not so much the problem of the leadership, as it is a problem of the electorate. LONG before these folks got close to any meaningful levels of power, there were many people who knew what they were - and supported and advanced their cause anyway.

Capitol Hill Blue: Playing liar's poker
A society built on deceit cannot heal itself by changing the political party that controls government or the occupant of the White House until it takes a long, hard look inward and realizes the problem is more widespread than just our elected leaders. Until we stop lying to ourselves and those around us we can never expect honesty in those who lead us. At this point, we don't deserve it anyway.

Precisely. On the other hand, it's not that hard to choose to stop lying to ourselves - and then to each other.

Who am I kidding? It's easier to kick crack and tobacco together. But consider the alternative. It's time for each of us to face our own issues, stop lying about them to ourselves and pretending that we act from the highest motives. Doug mentions using alcohol to numb his conscience; one of many wildly available choices for erasing the stresses involved in living in this society.

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