Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh. Now I understand.

And dear God(ess), if I have to explain what I now understand to you after you click the link, I swear to Ess Herself that I will find a big plaid lesbian, have her hunt you down and tickle you until you pee!

I know people! Maybe even some at Fox News Security!

February 2006 Church Mailbag | Landover Baptist:

"I think you are completely missing the plot as to why people become gay. People are more likely to become gay when their parents are seperated or divorced - when their relationship is not healthy and the father is not the PRESENT dominant figure in the household. THAT is when children become gay. That and the presence of a genetic predisposition - a 'gene' carried by the mother, her mother, her mother, etc. That's why a gay person is always much more likely to have a gay uncle on the mother's side than on the father's side, and that's why the 'gene' will never die out as long as carrier women have children. Carrier women being the sisters of gay (and straight also) men. So if you want people not to have gay children, preach them not to divorce or break up - prevent broken homes. Teach fathers to LOVE and spend time with their children, coz if only mom is present, the chances of a boy becoming gay is bigger. All the stuff you publish doesn't really make a difference. If being gay is a sin, then divorcing or not loving your children is a 'bigger' sin. Furthermore, God teaches to love and not to judge. It is only God's place to judge. Gay people can't help they're gay, it's nothing they did wrong. If they love others, without judging them, then YOU are bigger sinners than them, because YOU ARE JUDGING THEM, AND IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO DO SO. May God give you what you deserve.

Percival Burger "

By the way, you might now want to compare the real Landover Baptist Church with the parody before you make any judgment about who's blaspheming what.

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