Thursday, March 23, 2006

If this isn't funny to you, you MIGHT be a funnymentalist.

Tip o' the hat to sunfell posting in Dark Christian on LJ for this moment of surreal humor.


Twenty days ago I received a cease and desist letter from Liberty Counsel, a law firm representing Exodus International, a group that claims to offer gay people “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ.” They demanded that I take down a parody image I’d created (seen above) of an offensive, anti-gay billboard which they’d put up around the country, on the grounds that it infringed upon their intellectual property rights.

I immediately contacted the ACLU, EFF, and anyone else that I thought might be interested or would be able to lend a hand. The ACLU looked into the facts of the case and very generously offered to represent me in partnership with the law firm of Fenwick West. Free of charge. And I don’t mean a single lawyer, I mean a team of four experts in Intellectual Property, Free Speech, Copyright, and GLBT Rights.

Oh my. Well, with such an easy layup ....

Update: Ex-Gay Watch, which also received a cease-and-desist letter from Liberty Counsel for republishing my parody, had the Los Angeles-based law firm of Irell Manella send Liberty a response letter on their behalf today as well. Here’s my favorite part: “Just as the ex-gay movement often uses weak science in support of its agenda, so Exodus is using weak law to curtail Mr. Airhart’s freedom of speech. It’s unfortunate that many of Exodus’s targets have no choice but to turn to “Wikipedia” to resist Exodus’s bullying tactics. Yet this is one instance in which “Wikipedia” appears to have a better understanding of First Amendment principles than Exodus’s own counsel.” —Robert N. Klieger
That's Legalese for "Yo Mamma, bitch!"

Aside from the theology, aside from the contotions these people put the Bible through to justify trying to impose their squicks upon others, it's the sheer, agonizing humorlessness of these people. I figure wherever they end up in the afterlife - it would be hell for me, so anything they are against doing is probably a good idea.

Except for anal sex.

But that's MY squick. I don't pretend it's doctrine.

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