Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And the point to it was...?

It's becoming clear that the republican noise machine has been repeating itself to no real end. Even as it tries to expand into the more "liberal" media - the ones that require reading, writing and the ability to tell which end of the battery to insert first - we are given to wonder what, if any results have come from these several years of near total Republican domination of the political process and the National Dialogue.

Two Babes and a Brain: Hot Air...cuz we needed more of that:

"...all the pretty packaging and shiny FLASH whatever won't change the fact that the conservatives have had six years with control of almost everything and they couldn't execute and get any of it done.

We aren't any safer.

We aren't any better off financially--at least not most of America.

We are more divided than ever before.

It is nice though that many public meetings are now allowing prayers at the beginning--(as the conservatives so desperately wanted to be able to do)--because with this government, prayer is really all we have left."
It's been observed that even the evangelical right are dissatisfied with the administration, in that none of their agendas have been given more than token and futile attention.

Token legislation that is clearly intended to fail the constitutional sniff test (CDA, COPA, etc) was no more than a cynical ploy to not deliver on promises and blame "activists courts" and "liberals" for the failure, depending on the political and personal ignorance of most evangelical theocrats to cloud their minds long enough to get away with the theft of power.

But we have to wonder aloud who, if anyone, benefits?

It appears that multinational corporate fatcats may be the beneficiaries - but I wonder if even they are making out as well as it seems. Perhaps it would be more accurate to consider the CEO's of some "favored" corporations as benefiting - but at the expense of an economy and a regulatory climate that would actually promote real corporate growth and shareholder value.

The more I look into the rationales for doing things, the defenses for choices, the approaches to problems, it seems to me that the entire point to gathering power has been to gather power to the administration, and deny power, influence or input to anyone else.

Not just "Liberals."

Anyone. The means by which stockholders are appeased, diverted or placated depends on the group - but I cannot think of one single "bread and butter" issue of the left, right, up or down that has been advanced. A great many problems have been made more severe - and that has advanced the cause of exactly one faction.

George Bush and the Busharus.

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