Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Mary Magdeline, I've got a little task for you. Wear the RED dress."

Via ImpeachPAC:

"The White House needs to be disinfected
Dave Rossie / Commentary
One day last week a wire photo found its way into this newsroom as I suspect it did in just about every newsroom in the country. I'm also quite sure it never made it into any newspaper.

Will somebody please....

The undatelined photo from wherever it was our nominal president happened to be that day showed a woman holding up a sign bearing the following message: “Will Someone Please Give Bush a B--- J-- So We Can Impeach Him?”

The message was a subtle reminder that it was a sexual act that got Bush's predecessor impeached, and a not so subtle reminder that Bush's numerous and far more egregious impeachable acts that have cost America thousands of lost and ruined lives and billions in treasure have so far gone unpunished.

That's what a lockstep, one-party majority in both the Senate and House can do for you. The intensely moral Tom DeLay, and those two adulterous frauds, Henry Hyde and Dan Burton, who pushed the House to impeach Clinton have been silent as the Sphinx on Bush's abuse of his office and the Constitution.

In DeLay's case it may be because God has yet to tell him if lying and spying rise to the level of oral sex. "

There's more at the link.

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