Monday, April 24, 2006

"Protection of Marriage" - Tell it to the Marines!

American Agenda: Marriage: The Great Divide Between Legal Fact & Religious Myths!:
"Fear has always worked to create hate in America.

Fear builds towering walls between reason and logic. Hate obliterates what we know in our hearts to be right, and covers all with ignorant rage.

That is the path we are on in the name of God. I see this as the ultimate sin. This is an act of faith that judges in place of God and takes his name most assuredly and inappropriately in vain.

In any event, it is a path we must turn away from for our own salvation as American citizens held under the Constitution.

So many don't understand that rights in America are to be universal; guaranteed to every citizen under the law. Equal under the law is the other way it is expressed. Somewhere along our journey a percentage of Americans got confused, brainwashed, left-behind, whatever...And began to think of marriage as a religious doctrine not a civil construct.
This misunderstanding of the nature of marriage is what has gotten us to this point. Combine our need for salvation with our hate for things we don't' understand, and you have a straightforward American debate; rooted in puritanical history, conflated by individual moral superiority.

This is a classic cycle we have played out over and over in our history. Whenever we are afraid of something or someone we do"

I would say something... but someone in the comments section said it better:

My parents were married in a civil ceremony in 1965 just weeks before my dad left for Parris Island to become a Marine. They never had a church ceremony b/c my mom is Romanian Orthodox and my dad is Catholic and neither church would give on the issue of 1 of them converting.

Over Easter dinner the topic of gay marriage was brought up and everyone at the table agreed that the next move for these Theocratic Thugs will be chipping away at civil marriage once they are done with getting "marriage protection laws" on the books for every state.

My dad looks up from his Easter ham and says: "Well, if they want to declare our marriage as invalid after all of these yrs I'll be quick to dig out my Vietnam combat boots and kick some hypocritical divorced evangelical ass. Jesus didn't say a word about homosexuality, but he said plenty about divorce."....... Amen Dad.

And this is exactly why gay civil rights should be just as important to us straight folks. If you let them chip away other's human & civil rights they will eventually get around to chipping away at your own human & civil rights.
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Gary said...

welocome to the Agenda blogroll.

Nice to meet you!

Praguetwin said...

This really is the point isn't it? Our forefathers understood that even rights for criminals were important to protect us all.

By the way, this is the first time I've commented here and I'm on AFID. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Dig it.

Also, I lived in Mammoth Lakes for a couple years. Ever get down there?



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