Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some good Christian Cluebyfouring

Council of War » Hot air, or burning tongues?: "If every Salvationist gave everything to God then he would change the world! (Just as he did through our movement once before)

All too often we want;

· Morality without compassion.
· Revival without repentance.
· Power without Pentecost.
· Ability without submission.
· Purpose without humility.

Dear friends it isn’t going to happen. We are in exile and God is not listening to us, he has actively turned his back towards us."

There's a great deal more and it's worth reading, for Christians and Non-Christians alike; it's a succinct statement of what is expected of Christian Evangelists. It's a direct and pointed summation of what Jesus did, and what he asked of Apostles and Deciples.

And there is even more here, from a different Christian perspective entirely.

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