Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wear The Bloodstar this Memorial Day : GraphicDesign :

GraphicDesign : NOC NOC, Who's There? : Wear The Bloodstar this Memorial Day

I have a humble proposal for a CIA Memorial Day Project.

It is explicitly not endorsed by the CIA. It is the initiative of one grateful citizen.

The BloodstarI propose that this graphic be adopted to use to represent in person all those who have fallen in secrecy and silence to protect us from secret and silent attacks. Please buy or create as many of these as you can and pass them out to friends this May 15, and show up at your town's Memorial, wearing black.

I would also suggest the thought of affixing a tile to the memorial with the same design.

The "outing' of Valerie Plame by the President has reminded me, and should remind you of those who work in precarious secrecy to ensure that wars do not occur in the first place. "National Security" should not be a catch-phrase for those in power to avoid accountability; it is, ultimately, the idea that the job of our government, and most especially our clandestine services, to maintain and expand the security of all citizens. For this, they deserve our respect, and a place of honor in our hearts.

Bloodstar Black Cap

Bloodstar Black Cap

Bloodstar Trucker Hat

Bloodstar Trucker Hat

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