Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hey, Harry; It's not EVEN a scrap of paper!

Reno and Its Discontents:
"And this leads me to the most frustrating position Reid takes–his non-aggression pact with Republican Senator John Ensign, or the “Kissy, Kissy by Reid, Ensign” as Hugh Jackson of the Las Vegas Gleaner eloquently described their Senatorial cuddle way back in 2005. And Ensign’s manly charms are certainly hard to resist. Escaping notice on the national electoral scene, Reid’s luke warm support of Ensign’s Democratic opponent, Jack Carter, is a point of failure in Reid’s Democrative leadership, and Democrats on the state and national level should be calling Reid out for it. Not only does Reid’s position fly directly in the face of the Democratic National Committee’s 50 State Strategy, it leaves Nevada citizens little choice but to believe that Reid would have us be represented by a Senator gleefully running in a three-legged race with the Bush Administration to hand the country over to the forces of the corporatocracy and religious conservatives who think that being pro-choice and for raising the minimum wage makes you an ungodly communist.
I should get out more. I have somehow managed to overlook "reno and it's discontents." Of course, they have somehow managed to overlook me...

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