Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Endorse Jack Carter

The writer of this letter, reproduced on Jack Carter's site, shows why Nevadens are turning toward Jack Carter.

Letter to the Editor in the RGJ - War on Terror | Jack Carter for Senate: "

I have been saddened to see people calling for some sort of censure against the New York Times for publishing the details of the bank tracking story. That Mr. Bush himself announced the program in 2003 seems to have bypassed these folks. I note that there is no call for action against the Wall Street Journal, which broke the story about one hour before the Times; I guess it's all right to reveal things if you are a Republican, or mouthpiece thereof.

"The purpose of terrorism is not just to blow things up. It is to make people like you and me afraid and give up a way of life. Whenever people say it is OK for the administration to curtail their rights guaranteed by the Constitution, attack the press for telling the truth and lie about why we are in a war (Iraq had no ties to Sept. 11 -- we're there for the oil. Period), the terrorists win.

"Stop supporting terrorism by giving in to fear. Don't let politicians destroy what we hold in highest regard in this country. Stop allowing the erosion of our Constitutional rights!" (emphasis added)


I left a response there, and I'm proud enough to cross-post it here:

"To me and most of my fellow Libertairians, the Constitution is a "Litmus Test Issue."

Whatever political views a politican holds can be tolerated within that remarkable framework. While I have a preferred overall philosophy, I believe firmly that it does take all kinds to make an effective Senate - and right now, we have just one kind.

Gutless Wonderments!

I include "democrats" within that group, such as Sen. Lieberman and our own Harry Ried.

Neither have stood up for their constitutionally-mandated senatorial prerogatives in the face of executive-branch usurpations.

When a man leads the minority party he's supposed to set them back on their heels, to take it to them deep in their own end-zone, to fight them tooth and claw and consequences be damned when we are having more Constitutional crises at once than I believe we have had before in total.

He either fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small,
That dares not put it to the touch,
To win or lose it all.
- - Montrose

The Minority Leader stands between us and an increasing plausiblity of a second Civil War. I don't think he percieves the gravity of our position, or how seriously disgusted Nevadans and Americans in general are with the "Most Exclusive Club in the World."

As for Lieberman; when a man has an election stolen out from under him, he ought to take it personally! Really, very personally - and the person who benefited from oversetting our Constitution and cheating the Citizens of their legitimately elected leadership should not be shaking his hand. Oh, no; he should be making that person sweat bullets. Or better yet, ballots. Paper ballots. Such things must never be taken as "Politics as Usual;" those who can accept that outcome as the price of continued political influence need to be replaced with men and women of unbesmirched honor.

Honor. An old-fashioned word, some would say. Those some need to find out that honor still has currency outside of the Capital.

I have been fighting this Administration in my own way, from my keyboard and my graphic tablet, trying to plant ideas out there where they may take root. I do it because it's my duty as a citizen of this great nation.

I'm endorsing Jack Carter for Senate because he represents my core values.

I believe in the Constitution and common sense; I believe that individual liberties are worth preserving and moreover, a better safeguard of our national security than any number of Big Brothers. I place my trust in the enlightened self interest of my fellow Americans.

Now, if you will pardon me, I'm going to take up my virtual two by four and go "enlighten" a few more. "


I'm putting my cafecash where my mouth is - I spent all day creating supportive graphics. (It's important to do this, because it gets the name and keywords out in multiple formats, multiple stores, in multiple ways. So get to work, y'all. Read Why.)

I'll be spending my cafecash on spreading around election materials, and I'd like to join with other Cafepress owners in "swapping" cafecash to best effect; that is, I buy my stuff at full discount) and swap it for stuff you bought at full discount so that everyone has a good variety to wear and share.

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