Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here's To Slick Willy!

I think this sums up my view towards the sexual hijinks of powerful men. Politicians are like rock stars; they get into the game at the beginning because of the groupies. Some like their sycophants on their kness, others want them as side-boys, but it's all about the power and the control, whether or not the ya-yas are expressed sexually.

And dear, concience-struck man that he is, I include Jimmy Carter in that.

You see, folks who like power come in several flavors - so to speak. There are those who like the power and don't much care what, if anything they do with it. And there are others who are there to do something with that power. Some like to use it well, and others get their kicks from abusing power to get more power to abuse.

I'm not sure which of the above scares me more - those into getting power to do good things unto me or those who wish to do evil unto me.

I like the simple purity of a man who's lusts for power can be slaked by a plump intern and a good cigar afterward. And Bill seemed to have the idea that it was a job, and you had to do well to get the goodies.

So harrumph all you like - but there's an essential and graphic truth here. Whatever the rewards you wish from power; if we trust you with it for a time, you had best earn that trust with results, or you will be stripped of it.

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