Saturday, August 05, 2006

Image Warz 2 4/3 - Attack of the Poutine!

Clearly, I am not French. And yet, I still taunt you! lame Obscure graphic references to bad Elvis movies are no response to the hell that is "disco fries". Punkass Blog manages a hit, a miss, and a tragic error. (Your opinion may vary as to which is which. And yes, I KNOW there are four images in their volley.)

However, the Dreaded SS has staged a sneak attack with the aid of the Porn Klown Posse. Kinda NSFW...

Head Nurse seems to have conceded defeat - or de fries, at least - while admitting in public her disgusting French habit of dipping them in mayo instead of Le sauce Americane'

Clearly victory is within my grasp! I've searched my hard drives and the Internet for the most disturbing images possible.

At first, I thought this would do : Unconvincing Fake Boobage. But in thinking about it, that example isn't at all funny compared to some even bigger boobs out there.

Then I realized I had a collection of ana voog's images in there. Now, ana is an intenet live cam performance artist. And she also knits hats. You know, the sorts of hats that you would kind of expect a performance artist to knit. Why, here's an example!

But it's really not up to fetal cosplay or clown groping, is it? And I thought of uploading my favorite customisable Dick Cheney joke - but seems to be down.

Well, if you need a dirty job done properly - you need to do it yourself. This war was started with Evil Photoshopping and it will be ENDED that way!

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