Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breaking news makes a liar of me...

An eyewitness responds to a Reno-Gazette Journal story: Palin rallies crowd with 15-minute speech.
I'm hoping someone who does that journalistic investigatory type thing will check this out.
I was at Mills Park today, and was appalled at the brainless violence shown by the Sarah Palin supporters against a group of Obama protestors. Several times, Palin supporters threatened physical violence before police became involved. One Palin supporter even had the stupidity to poke a policeman with his finger when that policeman would not arrest the Obama supporters for protesting (he was immediately ordered to back off!) Is that what the core Republicans are reduced to now, threats of physical violence and acts of mindless brutality? Protesting is an American right, and Republicans feel free to do so at Democratic rallies. This violent behavior is un-American and against our country – an enraged 800-pound gorilla in the room that the core Republicans refuse to acknowledge.

Yep. Palin inspires all those small town values that a lot of us decided made medium to larger cities a better choice. That, or an isolated holding with plenty of barbed wire and an anti-aircraft capability.

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