Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frank Schaeffer goes for the Chromefishtian Groin

Words in Red: Luke 16:10 shirt

SING it, Frank!

Take a hard look at yourselves. Play back this year's Republican convention and you'll see an all-white crowd of people screaming for offshore oil drilling -- fat lot of good that will do! more carbon! more polution! -- and essentially reacting like starved hyenas when presented with a piece of juicy carrion. At the convention Sarah Palin and others produced nothing more than a snide list of smart ass put downs aimed at the really dumb, with so little substance that former conservatives such the late William F. Buckley, for instance (let alone my late father) would simply have been ashamed to be in your company. You have become a hate-filled rabble proud of your ignorance and resentful of the rest of your own country, resentment that's exceeded only by your maudlin (and false) sense of victimhood.

People that hate half the population of their own country can scarcely be called patriots. On the contrary, people who exult in mocking as their only way to "contribute" to solving our huge environmental, energy, military and economic problems are true subversives.

The smell emanating from your convention was that of a beer hall putsch circa 1930s, not anything remotely like participation in a democracy. Now you all know what it felt like to be in a lynch mob minus the hanging. You should be ashamed. But shame is something that apparently Republicans are no longer capable of feeling, at least when you get together in a mob.

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Here's what I said on Zazzle about the illustration, before I read this. It's nice to know I'm not merely howling in the wilderness - entirely.

Don't tell me you are a Christian. Really. If you need to tell me that you are a Christian, that guarantees I might have some doubts about it, otherwise. It also tells me a lot about why you think it might improve my opinion of you, in the face of other things I might learn of.

Oh, and when you say "God Told You" or "God Wants you to" or most especially, "God hates," understand that when you accept the responsiblity of speaking for God, there's a biblical standard of accountabilty.

The OT cites are especially grim, dear. What was that you said about a gas pipeline, again?

Click thru to check out the back of the shirt. >veg<

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