Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hitting the Cynic Limit: That's all the blogging I can stand for today

You know, it's not so much what I'm for, it's more like there is a whole social and political tradition in America that's just too damn embarrassing and conspicuous to ignore any more. You can't argue with them. They are impervious to reason, common sense and seem to revel in a level of mean-spirited spitefulness no kindergarten teacher would tolerate.

This gives me quite the cynical take on "Christian homeschooling."

But consider the low-hanging fruit sent by their friends and neighbors to the Republican Convention, as shown by The Daily Show. presumably they were sent to the Mile High City because everyone, including themselves, thought of them as being informed enough and representative enough to participate in our political process. Or maybe they thought it was a Shriner's Convention. It's kinda hard to tell, but the family values voters seem to be treatin' the strippers real nice.

More insight from a fellow cynic:

From Bad American:

Don’t get me wrong, I hold no great hope for an Obama presidency - they are fully creatures of the establishment. But if I have to wish which one of these guys wins in would be Barack ONLY because I see this as a last test of the basic decency and intelligence of the American people. At least Obama speaks to the higher principles we should be aspiring to as a people whose birthright stemmed from the pen of Thomas Jefferson. McCain and Palin seem to be salivating to shoot Iranian families from airplanes.

If McCain/Palin win in a margin that doesn’t need Diebold vote fixing, then I say America deserves whatever it gets from that point forward. If we’ve truly become a nation that worships the playground bully ethic, than that’s not a country I could support in any fashion.

And this last story is the absolute worst.

Michigan GOP to Challenge Foreclosure Victims at Polls

If having your home foreclosed isn’t bad enough, the fascist bastards will be trying to disenfranchise you at the polls in Michigan. What I would like to see is these challengers (described in some of the comments following the story) have the shit kicked out of them outside the polling booths. Liberals are just too damn nice sometimes.

I have to wonder what kind of person you would have to have become in order to even THINK that was a respectable thing to do. How the hell do sleazeball tactics like that fit in to being an upright, stalwart "pillar of the community?" You know, I don't even care who or what you are upholding, because when you wear a calving glove to do it, it kinda gives away the area where you think you are gonna get the best grip. The fact they seem to enjoy it tells me all I need to know about that whole tableau.

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh bitterly and make a hip, urban t-shirt emblematic of my conservative coastal urban, civilized values. You see, I just think it's common sense to be conservative of stuff that's actually worth preserving. Libraries, for instance, and the books in them. The Constitution, and the Enlightenment from which it sprang - an enlightenment that in itself came from universities in cities where people fled from the "small town values" that led to witch burnings and using the Bayeux Tapestry to cover a haystack.

Four lines. Your favorite country lyric. Get out there and stir up some cognitive dissonance with Waylen, Willie and the Boys.

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Bad American said...

Thanks for posting my blather. If that wasn't bad enough, David Foster Wallace checked out Friday night. All the good ones are leaving us.


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