Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seems like the NYT has come down on the side of common sense.

Unless we make America the country most able to innovate, compete and win in the age of globalization, our leverage in the world will continue to slowly erode.
Duh. Megaduh. But finally it's coming out in the NYTimes and other MSM will no longer be able to ignore the increasingly obvious - that when stupid people are in charge, stupid decisions are made and the smart money gets spent elsewhere.

Best case scenario; it will take a minimum of 10 years, probably more like thirty, to regain what we had when Bush took office. That was only a bump in a general slide that dates back to Nixon.

The combination of failed political agendas, a failed war, a disasterous economic downturn and yet another incompetant response to a natural disaster has opened gaping political wounds, but there is no evidence that the people in the best position to do something to at least start hauling on the brakes have enough perception, competance or will to do so.

I hope to hell Obama has been making overtures to Ron Paul - he's one of the few Senators who actually understands this stuff, whatever you think of his personal policies. Asking him to consider becoming Secretary of Commerce ... well, it might send enough of a signal to buy some months of breathing room on the economic side of the crisis.

There has been more warning for this liquidity crunch than there was for Katrina. So, why is McCain just realizing that it might be, you know, perhaps an indication of tough times ahead?

If ... IF Obama is both smart and humble enough to reach out to all the people who have been isolated by the bush administration and prevented from doing what they know needs to be done, and if he can somehow herd those cats, and IF he can pull enough liquidity out of the aether, we might just make it to 2012.

You know, when the world is supposed to end. :P

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