Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks for the Song, Mr. Cohen

A brutally truthful reminder that a chrome fish is simply a void - and that void will be filled by something. What that something is depends on who you are and what you choose to do as informed by faith and conscience.

Live the words and you won't need to prove anything - or the excuses provided (at a modest price) by the salesmen of chrome fish and glow in the dark Fatimas.
When it seems like trying to talk sense to people simply brings on yet another plague of trolls, when you can honestly say that we are in the midst of a disaster of Biblical proportions, when you open the newspaper and wonder why this is all familiar, only to recall that it's been seemingly badly cribbed from Ezekiel, Daniel, Exodus and Revelations, well, a Cohen has to do what a Cohen is named for doing.

Heck of a tradition to live up to, but there are at least two in this generation. The Former Linked Cohen, Richard Cohen Spake in the New York Times, and lo, it rocketh.

Behold, so it was in the seventh year, and it seemed that America was doubly smitten, from without and within.

And, lo, a strange thing did come to pass. For as surely as the seasons do alternate, so the ruler and party that have brought woe to a nation must give way to others who can lead their people to plenty. How can the weary, flogged ass bear honey and balm and almonds and myrrh?

Yet many Americans believed the exhausted beast could still provide bounty. They did hold that a people called the French was to blame. They did accuse a creation called the United Nations. They did curse the ungodly sophisticates of Gotham and Hollywood and sinful Chicago; and, lo, they proclaimed God was on their side, and carried a gun, and Darwin was bunk, and truth resided in Alaska.

Of course, you might wonder if there could be something pointing to the "or else," the smiting of the self rightious, etc.

Sadly, the problem is not finding examples. It's choosing examples. I finally settled on just this single one, because it exemplifies karma in action, as well as the entertaining idea that angels may indeed walk an undercover beat among us, on karma enforcement detail.

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