Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Undue Dilligance: McCain's Son Resigned from Seized Silver State Ban

McCain's son served until last month on the board audit committee of a Nevada bank that was recently seized by Federal authorities amid mounting losses and regulatory scrutiny. This article dated just days before the resignation of McCain and the seizure of the bank.

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So, rather than be concerned that McCain Sr. is the man to deal with our current financial crisis, perhaps we should look to see how closely he actually is tied to and responsible for creating the crisis in the first place through influence and unwise advocacy for deregulation.

Oddly enough, while it may be that the younger McCain was refusing to "go along to get along," I can't say that I take that thought seriously enough to seriously check out. If you are going to bail for that reason, do it before things are circling the drain, and it looks more like following in daddy's Keating Scandal footsteps.

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